I absolutely adore the vast spaces and the wild natural spots that characterize this planet of ours.

Canoeing and skiing are two great passions of mine; both have always accompanied me on my travels to the Lofoten Isles.

Moving about on a canoe or a pair of skis has allowed me to view things in a very special way and to see and get to know them from both the inside and outside… as well as giving me the opportunity to do great skiing and fantastic paddling on the Ocean…

We are on the 67th parallel, well beyond the Arctic Circle. The climate is not as harsh as you would expect, thanks to the Gulf Stream; the darkness of winter is brightened by the Aurora Borealis and in springtime, the light basks and the shadows lengthen in the sun which seems is never going to set.

Although the highest mountains are just over one thousand metres, they nonetheless have the power to give you foreshortenings of high mountain scenery; the sea is the North Sea with its currents, its winds, the Maelstrom and its killer whales but it is a sea which can be sailed even on small kayaks.

All this gave me the idea of writing a book about these islands. A sort of guide book which is not meant to be just a “cold” guide but which will contain photographs and logistic indications as well as stories of real life experiences and Norwegian history; a starting point perhaps, for a departure in search of new trails and new itineraries…

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